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Trauma Journalism

June 29, 2016

Tags: Journalists in Harm's Way

Important New York Times story re: journalists being murdered worldwide:


March 29, 2016

Tags: Warrior Voices: BSU Presentation

Poster of 3/31 BSU talk on "Warrior Voices"
Speaking 3/31 at Ball State on new book project, "Warrior Voices: Stories of Vietnam Generation Authors." Featuring profiles of Tim O'Brien, Philip Caputo, Robert Olen Butler and John Del Vecchio.

Trauma Journalism Coverage

March 17, 2016

Tags: Joel Simon, Committee to Protect Journalists

Excellent column by Joel Simon, executive director, Committee to Protect Journalists, published in March 14 issue of Columbia Journalism Review. Simon examines the dangerous atmosphere affecting not only political coverage in the U.S. (e.g., Trump campaign) but safety/welfare of journalists worldwide.

Trauma Journalism

August 28, 2015

Tags: Roanoke (Va.) Tragedy

Interviewed yesterday by ABC News (RTV6, Indianapolis) about coverage of journalist murders in Roanoke (Va).


July 30, 2015

Tags: Preview of new novel

My latest (2015) novel, HONOR HOUSE, is a psychological thriller and redemption story about a burned-out journalist who confronts an ex-frat brother-turned politician about his campus sex crimes decades ago. Set in 2012, with flashbacks to the 1970s, this novel explores the dark side of contemporary college life—sexual assault and other criminal activity. Prior to publication, the prologue and first chapter are featured on the "Books" page of my Authors Guild website,

Trauma Journalism

March 31, 2015

Tags: Joe Hight Testimonial

From Joe Hight, former president, Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma: "Mark, Your book on the subject 'Trauma Journalism: On Deadline in Harm's Way' is outstanding -- one all journalists and those interested in the topic should read."

Trauma Journalism: On Deadline in Harm's Way

March 26, 2015

Tags: Joe Hight Acknowledges Trauma Journalism Book

Thanks to Joe Hight, former president, Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma, for citing my 2011 book, Trauma Journalism: On Deadline in Harm's Way, in a March 26 (OKC) City-Sentinel story profiling him as "a journalist acclaimed for his coverage of the Oklahoma City Murrah Bombing in 1995, [He] will be the featured luncheon speaker Saturday (March 28) at the Region 8 Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) conference at the Gaylord College on the University of Oklahoma campus."

River Teeth Spring 2015 Issue

March 5, 2015

Tags: Conversations with Caputo

My in-depth profile of Vietnam veteran-author Philip Caputo is slated for Spring 2015 issue of River Teeth (journal of nonfiction narrative). Excerpt from RT's website:
"Unlike the veterans from America’s 'Greatest Generation,' those who fought and died in the Vietnam War have no public anniversary, such as a June 6 or December 7, to annually commemorate their service. Certainly there is extensive reminiscence for the nation’s signature conflict of the 1960s and ’70s. But the Vietnam generation’s story, unlike World War II’s collective saga of sacrifice, is more of a narrative quilt, a patchwork of individual tales, traumas, and singular triumphs."

Literary Journalism Conference-IALJS

January 8, 2015

Tags: Panel Presentation on Philip Caputo

In May I'll be on a panel at 10th annual conference of International Association for Literary Journalism Studies (IALJS), Univ. of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN), discussing Philip Caputo's life as Vietnam vet, foreign correspondent and author.

Philip Caputo Profile

December 6, 2014

Tags: Conversations with Caputo

My narrative nonfiction profile of Philip Caputo (A RUMOR OF WAR) will be published in the spring 2015 issue of literary journal River Teeth


A dark comedy about an aspiring Irish-American writer in 1970s Cleveland and his sentimental fool's journey to find love and success.
A 1960s family saga set in a gritty metro N.Y. town.
“Delamore’s Dreams stands alone.”
(The Westchester County [N.Y.] Times)
A story about an ill-fated affair between a hopeless romantic and his old girlfriend.
“Now Mark Massé has written a fascinating and fact-filled account of how 'trauma journalism' finally is being recognized and treated from the classroom to professional newsrooms.” (Steve Bell, former ABC News correspondent/anchor)
Chronicles the lives of American social reformers from several faith traditions.
“Powerful, real-life stories … .” (Ronald J. Sider, Evangelicals for Social Action)