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Review of my new novel, WHATEVER COMES, by DP Sanfilippo on Amazon page, July 9: "Humorous, poignant and, most importantly, truthful, this story will resonate with anyone who has found their dreams colliding head-on with reality. Masse's evocation of the 70s is spot on. Yet, in so many ways, this is a timeless story. Family relationships, the search for love--whatever that means--and the reconciliation of decisions over desires are all presented with the kind of strong writing that can only come from the heart--and the gut. The belly laughs and tears are interwoven with insights and wisdom without ever being "preachy," and the narrative moves swiftly and surely to a conclusion that will leave you satisfied and smiling. If you are a recent graduate, you'll find a look into your future. If you're a recent retiree (or coming close), you'll recognize Max Galway (the protagonist) as a fellow traveler."
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