Mark H. Massé

Published: June 2013

Whatever Comes

Whatever Comes is now available as a paperback or Kindle version. The novel is a dark comedy about an aspiring Irish-American writer in 1970s Cleveland and his decade-long sentimental fool's journey to find love and success in his hard-scrabble, hard-luck hometown. In this modern-day morality tale, twenty-something Max Galway endures an odyssey of trials and temptations, false goals and foolish pursuits. He claims his quest for literary fame is hijacked by an unholy trinity of family, work and romantic fiascoes. But Galway is typically his own worst enemy en route to enlightenment. For more information, contact me at mhmasse@​


Biography, History
Extended profiles of Vietnam War veteran-authors Philip Caputo, John Del Vecchio, Robert Olen Butler and Tim O'Brien, focusing on the role of post-traumatic growth in their creative lives. "If I were still teaching a Vietnam War literature course, I would use this book as an introductory text. It would work well for that purpose." (David Wilson, The VVA Veteran, national magazine of the Vietnam Veterans of America)
An endearing tale of an aspiring Irish-American writer in 1970s Cleveland and his sentimental fool's journey to find love and success.
A 1960s family saga set in a gritty metro N.Y. town.
“Delamore’s Dreams stands alone.”
(The Westchester County [N.Y.] Times)
A story about an ill-fated affair between a hopeless romantic and his old girlfriend.
“Now Mark Massé has written a fascinating and fact-filled account of how 'trauma journalism' finally is being recognized and treated from the classroom to professional newsrooms.” (Steve Bell, former ABC News correspondent/anchor)
Chronicles the lives of American social reformers from several faith traditions.
“Powerful, real-life stories … .” (Ronald J. Sider, Evangelicals for Social Action)