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Honor House

A contemporary drama about campus sexual assault, fraternity culture and the abuses of a powerful politician and serial predator. Journalist Nick Delamore, long compromised by old loyalties, elusive memories and guilt, searches for answers and atonement.

"I would be proud to have written a book as well done as HONOR HOUSE." -- Walt Harrington, former staff writer, Washington Post Magazine and author/editor of 10 books. His 2021 collection, "The Detective and Other True Stories" [The Sager Group LLC/NeoText]

Vietnam Warrior Voices

Extended profiles of Vietnam War veteran-authors Philip Caputo, John Del Vecchio, Robert Olen Butler and Tim O'Brien, focusing on the role of post-traumatic growth in their creative lives.


"If I were still teaching a Vietnam War literature course, I would use this book as an introductory text. It would work well for that purpose." (David Wilson, The VVA Veteran, national magazine of the Vietnam Veterans of America)

Whatever Comes

You don’t know Max Galway because an unholy trinity of family, work and romantic woes hijacked my literary success. What creativity I mustered in my younger days was spent wooing women like Debi O’Connor, my college sweetheart and heartbreak. The raven-haired, blue-eyed lass took me from boyhood to manhood in several glorious leaps before casting me onto the rocks of despair. For years I grabbed for lovers like a drowning man, leaving little passion for the blank page. But back in those sultry waning weeks of the summer of ’72, I was blissfully unaware of what lay ahead on my author’s odyssey.

Trauma Journalism: On Deadline in Harm's Way

Compelling stories of U.S. and international journalists who cover war, terrorism, disasters, crime and other tragedies, examining the emotional impact of their trauma reporting on victims, sources and themselves. Nonfiction narratives document an emerging era of activism as reporters, researchers, and trauma experts collaborate to transform the news media through education, intervention, and advocacy.

Inspired to Serve: Today’s Faith Activists

A collective biography of clergy, lay workers and “ordinary” people who strive as social activists to aid the poor and disenfranchised across the U.S. These individuals share an unbending belief in the power, potential and rewards of service to others as they try to balance their secular and spiritual lives.

Delamore’s Dreams

“Massé’s novel reveals the ultimately triumphant world of the Delamores, a family buffeted by domestic crises and changed by the changing times. In this heartfelt debut novel, rich in both sense of place and time, a boy learns to be a man, and a man learns to be a father.”
(Lauren Kessler, author and founding director, literary nonfiction program, University of Oregon)

“Sentimental Fool” (Short Story)

As an author of social realist fiction, I chronicle the challenges facing ordinary people as they pursue aspirations and endure setbacks. In this tale, Max Galway struggles to find answers when his dreams are dashed by heartbreak.