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HONOR HOUSE is my latest novel—a contemporary drama about campus sexual assault, fraternity culture and the abuses of a powerful politician and serial predator. Journalist Nick Delamore, long compromised by old loyalties, elusive memories and guilt, searches for answers and atonement. Once a star investigative reporter, native New Yorker Delamore now lives in a dreary Rust Belt town. He tries to revive his career by pursuing crimes at a local college. But his ultimate redemption will hinge on derailing the Ohio gubernatorial campaign of former frat brother Bruce (Bru) Van Pelt. Delamore needs reinvention as he drinks heavily to mask his personal and professional failures, misspent good fortune and shirked responsibilities. His shallow existence will be shaken by the suicide of his longtime friend, Jesuit priest Alex Merten, his niece's campus sexual assault, and the relentless advocacy of his activist ex-wife, Megan Bradley. (AUTHOR'S NOTE: Years in the making, HONOR HOUSE is my shortest novel. But it took the longest to write and edit. Proud of this book, and I hope it resonates with readers.)

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