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History of PepsiCo.: My Father's Role

Article earlier this year on NewsMax site* by Richard Grigonis discusses the role my father, Don Masse, played in the history of PepsiCo. Back in mid-1960s when he managed the Blind Brook Polo Club in Purchase, N.Y. (and was the preeminent polo announcer in the U.S.), he hosted Richard Nixon and his family one Sunday afternoon. At the time, Nixon was PepsiCo. CEO Don Kendall's attorney. Within a year, the polo club was sold, and my father was out of a job. Story is told in item #7 ("Doesn't Pepsi Taste Better Than Vodka, Mr. Khrushchev"?) I also recounted the polo club narrative in my first novel, "Delamore's Dreams." (* excerpt from 1993 book "For God, Country and Coca-Cola" by Mark Pendergrast) http://www.newsmax.com/TheWire/coke-pepsi-politics/2014/02/10/id/551930/  Read More 
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