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Trauma Journalism

From New York Times (2-9-12) article by Kerri MacDonald: The “Conflict Zone,” an exhibition of recent conflict, crisis and war photography from Iraq and Afghanistan opens Feb. 10 at the New York City Fire Museum. Noted photojournalists are represented in the exhibit, which features the work of Chris Hondros, the Getty Images photographer who was killed in Libya in April 2011. Jackie Spinner, director of “Conflict Zone,”: “It ends up being a very healing process, when the show brings together photographers to talk about photography.” The New York City Fire Museum donated space for “Conflict Zone,” which is a project of the the Independence Fund. The New York Show is sponsored by the Independence Fund, the Chris Hondros Fund and the F.D.N.Y. Fire Family Transport Foundation. Most of the proceeds will go to the Hondros Fund, as well as to the Fisher House Foundation and the Independence Fund.
http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/09/two-wars-seen-many-ways/ Read More 
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