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Trauma Journalist

In 2009, journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee were imprisoned for almost five months in North Korea for entering the country illegally. Ling spoke at Ball State Univ. on Oct. 12 about her experiences. In late March 2003, just days before the US invasion of Iraq, Molly Bingham was working as a freelance photojournalist when she and three other Western journalists were arrested by Saddam Hussein’s security forces and taken to the infamous Abu Ghraib prison, where she feared she would be tortured, raped, and/or killed. She spent eight “terrifying” days as a prisoner, interrogated and accused of being a US spy. Weeks after her release, she had recurring fear and anxiety. She began journaling about her imprisonment. Such an articulation process (writing) is a “classic treatment for PTSD— to begin to ‘own’ your narrative of a harrowing experience.”
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