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Trauma Journalism

Author Sebastian Junger has launched a hostile-environment first-aid training program for freelance journalists. Reporters Instructed In Saving Colleagues (RISC) is a three-day emergency medical course to provide conflict correspondents with life-saving (trauma) techniques in the field. Typically, freelancers are not covered by news organization insurance or training programs. A March 20 Huffington Post article by Michael Calderone explained that Junger, "who started out as a freelancer in Bosnia and went on to write best-selling books like 'The Perfect Storm,' said RISC's sessions will be modeled on the informal training he and (the late photojournalist Tim) Hetherington received in Afghanistan, where the pair made the Oscar-nominated documentary, 'Restrepo.' " Hetherington, a colleague of Junger, died from shrapnel wounds while covering the conflict in Libya. According to Calderone's article, initial RISC sessions will be paid for by donations from major print and broadcast news media. "While accepted journalists are responsible for travel costs, RISC covers their hotel accommodations and provides combat medical kits for them to keep with them in the field." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/20/sebastian-junger-risc-freelance-journalists-tim-hetherington_n_1367429.html

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