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Trauma Journalism

Groucho Marx authored my favorite dust jacket blurb, "I couldn't put this book down....and sometime I intend to read it." The back story on the line was that Groucho didn't have the time to read and comment upon everything thrust his way. Given that he was often a very serious and erudite individual in real life, I feel certain he would have taken the time on Mark Masse's invaluably important "Trauma Journalism: On Deadline in Harm's Way." BUT unlike Groucho, I honestly couldn't put this book down...because it's a gripping page turner on a sadly neglected subject. Since my writing frequently focuses upon the ironies inherent to any war setting, my favorite section of Mark's book addressed "Frontline Reporting." Yet, all journalism is subject to the phenomenon of trauma, from covering a random car crash, to domestic violence. All these subjects and more are insightfully addressed in Mark's groundbreaking study. He's a secular humanist writer to be cherished. I cannot recommend this book too strongly.

— Wes Gehring is a professor of film at Ball State University and associate media editor for USA Today Magazine. The award-winning author has written 30-plus film-related books.
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